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Which Fee-Only Advisor Model Is the Best Route?

From Financial Advisor:

Desiree Sii, president and CEO of SagePoint Financial Inc., said her Phoenix-based broker-dealer firm likewise has a small number of fee-only and independent advisors under its roof. She noted a trend she’s seeing is advisors giving up their independent RIA and going to the corporate RIA.

“The primary reason is due to the complexity of running your own RIA,” Sii explained. “It can be difficult and expensive, and they find the economies of scale [in a corporate RIA] can assist them from a price standpoint. I do think the trend will be to go RIA-only, and I think firms need to be prepared for that.

“But I also continue to see a need for commissionable products and protective strategies for clients, so the B-D space is an important space to be in,” she added.